Best ai photo editor for Windows pc and Mac OS the “Luminar Neo”

Artificial intelligence is growing day by day. here is the top pc and mac photo editor ai you must know. is always here to bring something new to your designer.

Luminar Neo ai

Best AI Photo Editor for PC, has the unique ability to do some extraordinary things that all designers dream about.

Key features:

Sky transformation :

Sometimes it’s very difficult for you to manage the photo with the desired sky.

make the sky as you like sunny, gloomy whatever you want with just one click with Luminar ai

although, the adobe photoshop 2023 has also the same effects to do with some effort.

Atmosphere AI: This cool feature is so unique about this Luminar neo-AI, you can add fog, mist , haze in your image with maximal realism.


Relight AI tool:  Daylight controlling is more easier

Skin tone maker Ai: to manipulate the skin tone with this Luminar Neo Ai

The whole software is not free. Skylum has a subscription plan.

I Hope Skylum will make an online free version for the user in the future.